Head of lab bioanalysis


The Bioanalysis labs of the Unit Pharma & Biotech Services at Sanquin Diagnostic Services are looking for a laboratory head. In this role, you will lead the bioanalysis teams which are developing their own tests and are highly scientifically driven. You will drive the science which we execute with our collaborators, in-house or external parties, to ensure we are ready to implement new developments. These labs are part of a larger unit which supports diagnostics for both patients (via hospitals) and for pharma-led studies.

Daily tasks
Your daily tasks are varied and demand input as a manager as well as expert scientist. One moment you will advise a clinical specialist regarding a test outcome and the next moment you liaise with the bioanalysis experts within pharma. You will coordinate teams and actively engage with the specialists, QA, IT and management from various departments (matrix structure) for the initiation, successful progress and outcome of diagnostic development and execution. In this role you will contribute to our mission to be a highly efficient organisation providing contemporary methods to support our customers’ needs. This means you are also the driver of changes within the personnel in these groups.

Scientific expert
We expect a sound scientific background, preferably in immunology. You are keen to get up to speed so you can liaise with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as well as clinicians and assay counterparts in pharma. You can be decisive when it comes to trouble shooting in the lab. We are looking for someone who enjoys to lead in an efficient manner and implement new technologies. Advising clients and a professional attitude suit you.

In this position you will focus on bioanalysis; from analysis of large proteins, mainly biologics, to cellular in vitro assays and flow-cytometric analyses. You understand test backgrounds, like to trouble-shoot and lead a team to implement diagnostic tests. We are especially welcoming experts on either bioanalysis of large proteins, including immunogenicity, or on flow cytometry/ in vitro immune assays. It would be advantageous if you have experience in implementing longitudinal support for pharma-led studies on either topic with specific knowledge on EMA and FDA regulations.

Personnel management
The team consists of around 20 people (technicians, team leads, assay developers) and you will report directly to the laboratory director. You will manage several members of the teams: team leads, assay developers and other professionals. As the organisation is changing, helping and coaching people in their development is natural to you and you lead by example. You will manage the daily practical issues that concern the test execution and contribute in quality issues. Moreover, you support grant applications and sustain collaborations with KOL either within or outside Sanquin. To this extend you attend and/or present at (inter)national meetings.


What we ask

  • A PhD in biomedical sciences or related.
  • Background knowledge in immunology.
  • Team management experience.
  • Fluent in Dutch and English, both spoken and written (Dutch will be the working language in the lab).
  • A flexible, no-nonsense mind-set.
  • Good communication skills with people at any level.
  • Experience in change-management.
  • Ability to work on and plan multiple projects at the same time.
  • Scientifically astute.


What we offer
We offer a unique chance to work at this unique organisation. The combination of having a societal function and operating at a commercial market is a very interesting challenge.

In addition, we offer the following terms of employment:

  • Terms of employment and salary in accordance with the Sanquin Collective Labour Agreement.
  • 8.33% end-of-year bonus, i.e. a thirteenth month in case of full-year employment.
  • 8.33% holiday pay.
  • 201 hours of leave with full-time employment (36 hours).
  • Compensation for travel expenses.
  • Collective agreements with various insurers.
  • A multiple-choice system that enables employees to select their own preferred terms of employment.

Company profile

Where will you work?
Sanquin is a large not-for-profit company with nearly 3,000 committed employees dedicated to their profession who, together with blood donors, ensure to give patients a better life. Sanquin Diagnostic Services is a for-profit part of Sanquin and works in close collaboration with Sanquin Research. Any profit made by the for-profit parts of Sanquin feed into the not-for-profit Sanquin Research, which hosts academics. Sanquin Diagnostics Services provides advice and diagnostic services in the context of transfusion medicine, blood-transferable infections, immunopathology, coagulation and haematology. We perform highly specialised laboratory for hospitals, blood banks and midwiferies but notably also for pharmaceutical- and biotech companies. Sanquin Diagnostic Services is now in transition from mainly providing diagnostics for hospitals towards more contract research for pharma and biotech companies.

Sanquin is a knowledge centre. We communicate with customers at a high level about the technical aspects of our bioanalytical services. Our laboratories are ISO15189 certified and we work according to GCLP and GMP.


More information:
For more information about the position, please contact the Talent Centre via +31 (0)6 205 75 906. Are you excited about this position and do you think you fulfil the requirements? Apply by sending us your CV and cover letter using the 'Apply' button below before 18th of March 2019. An assessment might be part of the procedure and a pre-employment screening will be part of the on boarding.

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