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Scenic Biotech’s mission is to harness genetic modifiers to combat disease. Scenic Biotech was started in 2017 as a spin-out from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and Oxford University and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Scenic Biotech uses a proprietary genetics platform to identify genetic modifiers: genetic alterations that are protective for developing disease. With a focus on monogenetic mendelian disease and immune-oncology Scenic Biotech has a therapeutic pipeline based on innovative targets.

About Thijn Brummelkamp

Thijn Brummelkamp studied biology at the Free University in Amsterdam and did his graduate studies at The Netherlands Cancer Institute (in the group of René Bernards). After his PhD he was appointed as group leader (Whitehead Fellow) at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, USA. In 2011 his laboratory moved to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.
Thijn Brummelkamp develops and uses genetic technologies to identify genes that are relevant for human disease. For example an approach for genetics in haploid human cells was developped and used to identify the entry receptor for Ebola virus (Carette et al, Nature, 2011), to reognize a new step in the picornavirus life cycle (Staring et al, Nature, 2017), to assign Vasohibins as long-sought enzymes modifiers of the cytoskeleton (Nieuwenhuis et al, Science 2017) and to implicate genes in pathways relevant for cancer immunotherapy (Mezzadra et al, Nature, 2017; Logtenberg et al, Nature Medicine, 2019).

He was chosen as one of the world's top 35 Young Innovators by MIT's Technology Review Magazine (2005), received EMBO’s Gold Medal 2013 and the KNAW Ammodo award (2015). Thijn Brummelkamp is a co-founder of 3 biotech companies, Haplogen Genomics (acquired in 2015 by Horizon Discovery UK), Haplogen (partnered in 2018 with Bayer to develop antiviral agents) and Scenic Biotech B.V. (founded in 2017).

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