Career prospects

BioBusiness Summer School helps its participants to obtain a broader overview of what career options there are in BioBusiness, and possibly identify an interest in a specific field that is previously unknown. Alumni of the BioBusiness Summer School pursue a wide range of career paths. Many of them currently work as scientists in the life sciences industry. A part of them took on commercial roles in pharma or biotech companies or entered the consulting industry. A small but noticeable portion founded their own companies and became the CEO’s. There are also those who stay in the academia.

To give you an idea, below are some examples of the roles currently held by the summer school alumni outside of academia.
- Senior Scientist at Galapagos
- Scientist at Uniqure
- Head of Global Health and Research at Access to Medicine Foundation
- Scientific Project Manager at Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)
- Product Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim
- Associate Clinical Study Manager at Astellas
- Program manager at TI Pharma
- M&A Consultant at Ernst & Young
- Senior associate at McKinsey
- CEO of Genevia Technologies Ltd
- Business Development Manager at Julius Clinical
- Cofounder of Cardian

Jumpstart your career

Join BioBusiness Summer School to jumpstart your career in Life Sciences by gaining knowledge of business aspects such as product development, IPR, finance and business models. The next edition of the summer school will be organised from 25-29 June 2018 in Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht, the Netherlands. Register now!

Why participate

The BioBusiness Summer School is a programme tailored to bridge the gap. By immersing yourself in the business aspects of Life Sciences during this programme, you will learn the basic knowledge of BioBusiness, gain insight in the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business leaders and increase your international network.

Employers meet talent

Is your organisation interested in early-career talents in Life Sciences? BioBusiness Summer School can get you in touch with business oriented PhDs, postdocs or Master students. More info can be found here.