Venture Capital

Tuesday June 23rd, 11:00 - 12:00


Young companies that aim to develop technology based products or services in many cases require significant capital and time to reach the market. This is true in particular for companies active in drug and medical technology development. These require even more money, time and resources before they can start selling their product and make some profit. Subsidies may provide the very initial funding, while banks will only be prepared to step in once products are actually being sold and a positive cash flow is in sight. Enter venture capital, to fund the “valley of death” in between soft monies and the banks.

I have been active in this field for over a decade and will share some of my experience and learnings. In my talk I will address how venture capitalists work in this specific field. What do we look for, how do we interact with our companies, how do we make our money? By discussing various examples I hope for an interactive hour during which you will get a good idea how your future company will be able to win the venture capitalist’s heart.

About Michel Briejer

Managing Partner, Thuja Capital
Michel joined Thuja Capital early 2008. He has gained broad hands-on as well as strategic experience in a variety of senior management positions both in the international pharmaceutical and biotech industry (e.g. Janssen Pharmaceutical (Belgium), Astellas Pharma and Crucell). Moreover, he worked as a consultant for a number of small pharmaceutical and biotech start-up companies in The Netherlands.

Michel strengthens the Thuja team with a wealth of drug development know-how, ranging from chemically synthesized drugs to complex proteins produced with biotechnological methods. Moreover, having been in charge of various drug development programs as a project leader, he understands the complexity of drug development and project management, and has built a large network of specialists.

Michel holds a BSc degree in Chemical Technology (Delft University), a MSc degree in Pharmacy (Utrecht University) and a PhD in Pharmacology (Wageningen University), as well as a post-doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine (European Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basel). Michel authored over 25 peer reviewed scientific papers and book chapters on pharmacology and drug development.

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