How to manage your employability

Friday June 28th, 12:00 - 13:00 hours


The labour market and workplace are changing rapidly demanding a different mind- and skill-set to reach success. Staying with the same employer for over a decade is no longer the norm. Geertje will talk about how you can effectively manage your employability and define, amplify and share your unique value. How do you seize and create opportunities in industry as a science professional? Why is it important to think as if you are the CEO of your own company even if you are on the payroll?

Geertje Janssen

Partner and Sr. Consultant, People in Science
Geertje Janssen is Partner at People in Science and specialized in PhD employability and recruitment strategies for science start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs. She supports academics to gain awareness of, take ownership of and exploit their highly sought after human capital.
Geertje Janssen obtained her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Leiden University and holds a master’s in Chemistry with a minor in Science Communication. In 2016 she attended the Hogeschool voor Recruitment.
Previously she worked as Strategy Consultant on projects for semi-government organizations and in the pharmaceutical industry as Director Business Development for a Contract Research Organization.

About People in Science

People in Science is a boutique training, consultancy and recruitment agency specialized in recruitment and career development for higher educated science professionals. Services include Career Development Trainings for Postdocs, PhD-candidates and undergraduates; HR Consultancy for Science SMEs and start-ups on Talent management, Training programs & Team performance and Recruitment services for science professionals in Life Science, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry for corporates and SMEs.

People in Science

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