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Friday June 28th, 15:15-16:00

About Ernst Geutjes

Associate, Aglaia Oncology Funds
Ernst has over 10 years of experience in cancer research, oncology drug development and venturing. Ernst holds a PhD in molecular cancer genetics from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL) after which he continued his career as business developer at the research- and technology organization TNO, where he has a role in spinning-of biotech companies. As associate at Aglaia he is responsible for analysis of investment proposals, scouting of new investment opportunities and offers strategic and operational support to Aglaia’s portfolio companies. He is acting managing director for Sapreme Technologies and board observer for Macrophage Pharma.

About Aglaia Oncology Funds

Aglaia Oncology Funds is an investment firm which fully specializes in and focusses on investing in oncology ventures.
Aglaia has been in operation since 2004. The team has decades of experience in cancer research and oncology drug development, having been involved in the development of more than 100 oncology products. Aglaia has invested in 12 early stage companies, of which 6 were founded by Aglaia. Aglaia’s vision is that when stellar science is translated into great medicines for cancer patients, financial rewards for those involved in this process will ultimately follow. The continuous strategic and operational involvement of the team with portfolio companies has contributed to a marked success rate in transitioning early-stage portfolio companies to clinical-stage companies. By doing so, Aglaia has de-risked and matured these companies up to the level at which they became attractive candidates for licensing, acquisition or IPO. Examples are Merus, which became listed on the NASDAQ and Syntarga, which was sold to Synthon. More importantly, 800 cancer patients have been treated so far with investigational drugs developed by Aglaia’s portfolio companies.

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