Hanna Groen

Programme assistant Top Sector Life Sciences & Health
"I attended the BioBusiness Summerschool in June 2016. I had just graduated from a biomedical master's and was full ambition to work in a more pharma/biotech-related environment, but lacked the business-related education. Luckily, the summer school turned out to be the perfect way to develop biotech business knowledge in a limited time. This course gives an excellent overview of the basics of life sciences entrepreneurship as well as a good insight into successful Dutch biotech companies. It was motivating to be taught by experts from the field and inspiring to listen to biotech CEOs/CSOs/CFOs who shared their business experiences with you. Besides content, the program contained plenty time to network with people from the field and the other students. This week was one of the most informative ones I have experienced and I would recommend the course to all (PhD) students with ambitions in the life sciences industry direction."

Karen Malone

Senior Scientist at Janssen Prevention Center
With regard to my experience with the Biobusiness Summerschool, I found the course at an opportune moment in my career development as I made a step into large pharma coming from small biotech, where the feeling is often that you're "winging it". Having a good overview of important business practices laid a useful foundation for the practical knowledge required in activities required of higher level scientists in large pharma. I felt much better prepared when I started my new position. Secondly it was specifically nice to get the history of Crucell which still influences company culture today, even as they merged into Janssen (of Johnson and Johnson), as this was my new employer. Last, but not least, I made some good connections, that were great to find others with shared experiences and I expect will be of benefit in the future.

Hilde Brouwer

PhD candidate at Leiden University Medical Center
I joined the biobusiness summerschool because I started to think about developing an idea of mine into a business in the field of medical research. I was immediately impressed by the very high quality speakers on the programme. They are really the best experts, besides also being great and charismatic speakers. Since the lectures were held in a relatively small group, there was a lot of interaction and opportunity to ask questions and get advice. I learned about many important aspects of the biobusiness along with the common pitfalls. The summerschool had a very professional vibe and attracted a very motivated and inspiring group of participants. I was fortunate to include these wonderful people to my network. This course really inspired me to put my ideas into action. After the course I joined a few entrepreneurs societies and attended several netwerk events, of which for instance those organized by the BioScience park Leiden, which we also visited during the course. I am now making dedicated plans to start and explore my market with hopefully some help from some of the speakers from the course. I hope to be able to share my own business story in a couple of years.

Fabien Boulle

Fabien Boulle

Business Developer at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

"The Biobusiness summer school 2016 was a great experience that I would recommend to every young scientist willing to learn more about biotech & pharma business. From a content perspective, the course covers a broad range of useful business topics and the format of the sessions makes it very easy to interact or network with invited speakers. The quality of the lectures and speakers was excellent. Personally, I found it very enriching and inspiring to hear about success stories from top biotech entrepreneurs."

Matthew Heberling

PhD Candidate, University of Groningen

The BioBusiness Summer School 2015 in Amsterdam last month was a great experience! For those entering or wishing to enter into the life sciences industry, I highly recommend this course.
An impressive lineup of CEOs shared their own business models that endured many challenges leading to continued growth and a variety of bittersweet exit strategies. Engaging team exercises highlighted the importance of personal awareness and effective communication in the workplace, while a business case study challenged our analytical and problem solving skills honed from academic research. Other topics included intellectual property, patents, job searching, and personal accounts from industrial scientists. The course ended with speed dating sessions between small groups of participants and a life science professional in a relaxed environment.
As always, the networking component was invaluable! A nice synopsis over the business end of the life science industry was undoubtedly achieved through this course. Many thanks to Haifen Hu, Kimberley Vera, and Laura Hillege at Hyphen Projects for putting on such a great course for aspiring life science professionals!

Jackie Johnson

"The BioBusiness Summer School in Amsterdam was a fantastic course—one that I encourage all scientists to attend. I signed up for the course as a way to learn what my PhD education didn’t teach me: business models, finance, concepts in intellectual property, and effective strategies for job searching. Of course I learned all of this (and more) but the real highlight here was the networking opportunity. Sure, it is great to network with C-level executives at international pharma and biotech companies, but the attendees, who are equally dedicated to landing careers outside of academia, were eager to connect with each other as well. The relaxed environment in the course encourages friendly one-on-one dialogue. Leveraging the material I learned from this one-week course, I met international clients in the pharmaceutical industry, transitioned from academia to the industry position of my choice, and opened my own medical consulting company. . . less than 6 months later. If you want to leave academia for industry, this course is a must."

Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi

Student/researcher at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

“The BioBusiness Summer School is a shortcut from theories that are described in the books to the real world lessons and experience sharing from professionals who are active in life science related fields. Networking and meeting smart and interesting people was one of the most valuable outcomes of this program for me. I was able to expand my network during the summer school, which also gave me the possibility to meet, discuss and interview some healthcare professionals about my latest invention. Moreover, the lectures and discussions offered great insights into the business environment which will be valuable in my future career. I recommend this program to scientists and researchers who are interested in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and understanding the commercialization process in the field of life sciences.”

Nima Jokilaakso

PhD student, Sweden

“The course gave me a good overview of the similarities and dissimilarities between an academic career and industrial career options. The same impression holds true when comparing the variety of sectors within the life science business such as Biotech, Pharma, Medtech etc. To conclude the course was an eye-opener when it comes to illustrating the wide range of possibilities that highly talented scientists have and that we have the capability to choose our own fortune, and that is an encouraging thought.”

Olivier Wicht

PhD student, Sweden

“The BioBusinessSummerschool 2012 was a full success for me. The great portfolio of speakers offered insight into various aspects of BioBusiness starting from the idea to full blown company. Personally, I changed my paradigm about BioBusiness into appreciating a powerful and driven industry that does not forget about the patient despite trying to earn profit. I enjoyed the many speakers and was fascinated by their career paths and personalities. I received a boost of motivation to further develop myself and see the vast sea of opportunities and perspectives out there. Definitely worth the time and money I spent.”

Anna Guerasimova PhD

Berlin, Germany

"Except I had great time.. I 've found a job, thanks to this event!!"

Sheba Agarwal

Postdoc, The Netherlands

"I enjoyed the BioBusiness summer school immensely. I learnt that research in industry is all about taking basic knowledge and developing it towards a useful application. The lectures were informative, and the speakers very accessible, so the opportunity for networking was rife. It was refreshing to talk to other people who were in the same situation as me. I feel much less clueless about the terminology and am more confident in considering a career in the industry. I would absolutely recommend the course for PhD students and postdocs that are seriously wondering if the grass on the other side really is greener, but are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone."

Florie Borel

AMC Department Amsterdam - AMT Biopharma/ AMC Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

"My project concerns RNA interference against multidrug resistance. Working for AMT Biopharma I found the BioBusiness Summerschool really interesting, very interactive, everybody working or planning to work for a biotech company should go for it."

Matthijn de Boer

Postdoc at Utrecht University, the Netherlands

“I personally enjoyed attending the Biobusiness course. In this week you expand your network and get familiar with the field of applied biotechnology. A wide spectrum of speakers is invited representing VCs, start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies. I learned much from the business cases that were presented. Importantly the invited speakers talked about their personal careers and the do’s and don’ts. I enjoyed the interactive sessions and met many talented and driven PhDs and Postdocs with a similar view; a career in the biotech-industry.”

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