The organisation of the BioBusiness Summer School does not offer any scholarships, nor are there any discounts available. However, there are third parties who could help provide the funding.

Please note that you first need to wait until the scholarship has been granted to you, before you register for the BioBusiness Summer School. As soon as you have registered for the BioBusiness Summer School, the cancellation policy (included in the Terms & Conditions) will apply.

There are several options to finance (part of) your participation fee.

Personal Development Budget
As PhD student or postdoc you most likely have a personal development budget and many companies also offer these because employers value the growth and personal development of their employees.

University Medical Centres: If you are a university medical centre employee you have a personal development budget of 1.55% of your salary (Collective Labour Agreement UMC). Over the course of a PhD this can amount up to +-€2.000. For postdocs this is at least €500 per year.

Universities: Many universities also offer these possibilities in differing formats as detailed by the Collective Labour Agreement of Universities such as at the Erasmus University.

KNAW institutes: Furthermore if you are a KNAW employee you can make use of their application form for covering the costs of training programmes.

Grants from your supervisor
Many grants, especially European ones such as the Marie Curie ITN, have training budgets available for personal development. Check with your supervisor for the possibilities.

External scholarships
German Nationals:
Groningen University staff:

Deducting the fee from your income tax
Lastly, in the Netherlands it is possible to deduct educational costs from your income tax. This could potentially save up to €375 euro off the regular fee with a regular PhD salary at a UMC depending on your personal circumstances. For more information about the possibilities, visit the website of the Belastingdienst.

Below is a list of contact persons from a number of institutes whom you can contact with questions about personal budgets or reimbursement for education. Please note to contact them only if you are connected to the institute as employee or student.

Institute Contact person E-mail
FOM Your supervisor   
Radboudumc Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova
Utrecht University - Graduate School of Life Sciences* PhD Course Centre

UvA - Faculty of Sciences (Career Service) Chiat Cheong
UvA - Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics Frank Hammecher
UvA - Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences Office manager


*The Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University only offers scholarships to promovendi of the Graduate School of Life Sciences .

Jumpstart your career

Join BioBusiness Summer School to jumpstart your career in Life Sciences by gaining knowledge of business aspects such as product development, IPR, finance and business models. The next edition of the summer school will take place from 28 June to 2 July 2021!

Why participate

The BioBusiness Summer School is a programme tailored to bridge the gap. By immersing yourself in the business aspects of Life Sciences during this programme, you will learn the basic knowledge of BioBusiness, gain insight in the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business leaders and increase your international network.

Employers meet talent

Is your organisation interested in early-career talents in Life Sciences? BioBusiness Summer School can get you in touch with business oriented PhDs, postdocs or Master students. More info can be found here.