FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I meet participants before the course starts?

You will receive a 'Facebook' of all the participants prior to the course, so you can get a first impression. You are also invited to join the BioBusiness Summer School LinkedIn group in order to get in touch with the other participants.
The 2020 edition of the BioBusiness Summer School will take place online and a digital networking event will be organised the week before the course so you get a chance to "meet" your peers.

For whom is the BioBusiness Summer School intended?

The BioBusiness Summer School is meant for MSc students, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and those who finished either of these and is working in a first industry job. The summer school is intended for those looking for a career in life sciences industry or those looking to start their own life sciences company.

The summer school will focus on medical biotechnology, but is also suitable for other life sciences such as plant biotechnology, food technology and industrial biotechnology.

I'm a Master student - can I apply?

Certainly. Although the summer school focuses on PhD students and postdocs, MSc students are also welcome. The summer school can help you make a choice between starting a PhD or going into industry directly. In order to decide whether you as a MSc student want to join the summer school, you might want to read the testimonials written by our alumni.

Will the summer school help me get a job?

Quite possibly. Although we cannot guarantee that you will get a job. Some of our alumni found jobs at biomedical companies as a direct result of attending the summer school. After the summer school you will be able to make a better decision regarding your career path, as you will have acquired a lot of knowledge about the biotech industry. During the programme you will exchange with representatives of many companies who may be interested in you. If you wish, we can also send your CV to the participating companies and speakers.

Click here for examples of the roles currently held by summer school alumni outside of academia.

Can you send me a letter of acceptance?

Yes, if you have paid the course fee, we can send you a Letter of Acceptance by email. This can be useful (or even necessary) for your grant application. If you need a letter of acceptance, please contact us through info@biobusinesssummerschool.nl.

Can you send me an invitation letter so I van apply for a visa?

Yes, if you have paid the course fee, we can send you an invitation letter by email to help you apply for a visa. If you need an invitation, contact us through info@biobusinesssummerschool.nl.

Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately the organisation of the BioBusiness Summer School does not have funding to give out scholarships. Information on third parties giving out scholarships can be found here.

Do you offer discounts?

No. The same fee applies for all participants. We do offer a special early-bird fees, if you register before March 15.

Jumpstart your career

Join BioBusiness Summer School to jumpstart your career in Life Sciences by gaining knowledge of business aspects such as product development, IPR, finance and business models. The next edition of the summer school will take place from 28 June to 2 July 2021!

Why participate

The BioBusiness Summer School is a programme tailored to bridge the gap. By immersing yourself in the business aspects of Life Sciences during this programme, you will learn the basic knowledge of BioBusiness, gain insight in the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business leaders and increase your international network.

Employers meet talent

Is your organisation interested in early-career talents in Life Sciences? BioBusiness Summer School can get you in touch with business oriented PhDs, postdocs or Master students. More info can be found here.